What is The Dope Million?

The dope million is a unique brand with a dedicated mission to build on community structure and efforts.  Our overall mission is to gain 1 Million supporters, and provide at least 1 Million Dollars in grants (over-time).  Grants will be geared toward individuals looking to develop small business in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.   

We are looking for our grant recipients to give back, grow, and change the landscape of their environment for the better.  Funds will be provided to individuals living within the area to promote true community growth.   

Grants will range from $500 and up as we continue to grow.  Applications will be accepted starting February 15th, 2021.   

The Dope Million Purchase Statement 

When you purchase from The Dope Million, a portion of our proceeds go to grants for building communities.  The prices of our products reflect that mission. 

Cerebral Dope

An exclusive subscription that allows you to follow the Dope Million mission as we gear up to start selecting grant recipients, gain access to exclusive discounts, knowledge up, and experience a dope environment.

Support our cause and become a part of The Dope Million. Find us in select stores online.


Grant Application Portal 

Dope Million DM Grant 500 – Coming Soon! Get your story ready.  Share it with us on TikTok. 

Ways to Support The Dope Million Mission

SHOP.          SPONSOR A DESIGN.          DONATE.


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